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The website for the ReBorCon 2011 that Bas is organising is now available. ReBorCon is a new, international conference for the REBOL family of programming languages, including the current REBOL 2 line, the REBOL 3 in development, and the open source Boron language. The programme includes several topics that are of interest for Syllable.

[News] [Syllable Desktop showing multiple open filer windows]

The third edition of the Syllable Winter Conference will take place in the Netherlands on Saturday the 29th of January, in conference centre "Het Brandpunt" in Baarn. We will demonstrate setting up Syllable Server as a web/FTP/SSH server, making a website on Syllable Desktop, and building it and uploading it to Syllable Server with REBOL 3. This will show REBOL 3 and a new cURL binding for it on Syllable Desktop. Further, we hope to have another goodie for the visitors, to take home.

To give you an impression of the conference, you can see the more than seventy Dutch spoken videos on YouTube of the presentations given during the first Syllable Winter Conference in 2009 (playlist), the second Syllable Winter Conference in 2010 (playlist) and the fourth Syllable Summer Conference in 2010 (playlist).

For information about the conference, contact Bas de Lange on the email address mentioned here.

SylCon Summer 2010 Movies Jan 7 2011, 0:11
[News] [Syllable Server with Rox Desktop]

During the SylCon Summer conference 2010 we filmed the presentations given. It took a while to process them, but thanks to skûtsje shipper Paul Fortuijn (who took the time of processing all the movies) now they are finally available on YouTube. If you want to view the movies in Ogg video format, use this website: TinyOgg.com.

Topics covered include the Syllable Server release 0.4, the new graphical development version of Syllable Server, advancements in REBOL 3, improvements in our CMS and how we will open up our communication channels. The movies are Dutch spoken. If you want to help making translations and sub-titles of these videos please contact Bas de Lange on the email address mentioned here.

Good Syllable Year! Jan 1 2011, 20:30

We wish everyone a good Syllable year! Last year we promised to create some breakthroughs, and we did. After making the REBOL 3 and Boron programming languages available on both Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server, we started working on their closer integration with the system. We created the first REBOL extension on Syllable, and will soon announce the first binding with a programming library. We made the REBOL 3 collaboration system and the CMS for the Syllable web sites run on Desktop. The CMS became more capable and fifteen times faster, so that it is now much easier for us to maintain the sites. We made a new Syllable Server release, and created a graphical version of it with the ROX desktop, that we are using internally and that has enabled us to move away from non-Syllable Linux distributions (extending our hardware's life span in the process).

Most of these accomplishments are "under the hood". We demonstrated them on the Syllable Conferences and on Software Freedom Day, but they are not easily available yet. So the main goal for this year is to continue with these developments and to make them better available to the public.

Splendid Isolation Dec 9 2010, 23:11
[Applications] [Syllable Desktop building and publishing its own website]

The CMS that builds our websites was used on Syllable Server so far, but now it has been ported to Syllable Desktop. This was done by porting it to REBOL 3. The screenshot shows Desktop building its own website in static batch mode and synchronising it with Amazon S3.

Syllable Desktop showing its own website locally This screenshot shows Webster previewing the built site as local files. Building the websites on Syllable Server is around 35% faster with REBOL 3 than with REBOL 2. A few longstanding problems in our Russian website and documentation were fixed because REBOL 3 now understands Unicode.

Chatty REBOLs All Around Nov 8 2010, 17:54
[Ports] [REBOL 3 RebDev chat on Syllable Desktop 0.6.6]

The latest version of the REBOL 3 open host kit, alpha 110, enables Syllable Desktop for the first time to run the REBOL 3 client/server RebDev collaboration application for chat and development files sharing. It already worked in the Linux version for Syllable Server. The client is not an application that was ported and needs to be installed, but is a small REBOL script that is downloaded in its newest version every time the program is started - much like a web page. It runs unmodified, currently on Syllable Desktop, Syllable Server, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Amiga OS (PPC), OS X (Intel & PPC) and Windows.

The source code of the REBOL 3 open host environment is now hosted in a public Git version management repository. To compile REBOL 3 on Syllable Desktop, you need to have the following software packs installed:

    - Development files pack for your exact Syllable version
    - Developer's Delight
    - Network Necessities

To compile REBOL 3 and start the RebDev application, enter the following commands:

    build update
    build log
    build get REBOL-Core--current
    build patch REBOL-Core--current
    build REBOL-Core--current
    build install REBOL-Core--current

REBOL & Boron Conference 2011 Sep 26 2010, 17:20

Bas is organising a conference for the REBOL family of programming languages, including the current REBOL 2 line, the REBOL 3 in development, and the open source Boron language. The conference will be held on Saturday February 26 in the Netherlands, in the same venue as the Syllable conferences. Many of the demonstrations will be done on Syllable Server and Syllable Desktop.

We will set up a website for the conference later, but we want to get the word out as soon as possible to gauge interest. If we get international visitors, we have the option to scale up the event to multiple days, including the Friday, to make the journey worth their while. So if you are contemplating coming, or even better if you are interested to give a presentation or demonstration or workshop, please contact Bas de Lange.


The website is now on-line.

[Applications] [Boron programming language]

Kaj has overhauled the Boron demonstration he presented at Software Freedom Day for publication on the web. Boron is the programming language that is the successor to the ORCA language that we use in Syllable. If you want to try it, Boron is already available in Syllable Server 0.4 and the development build of Syllable Desktop.

The presentation starts with an introduction to Boron. It then demonstrates how to build a small dynamic website that serves up the presentation itself. So there is a simple website content management system in there and a simple presentation program, in about fourty lines of Boron programming. Both the program and the presentation are available for download.

The demonstration is running on Syllable Server and the Cheyenne web server, just like the original talk at Software Freedom Day. It could also run on Syllable Desktop by using one of the web servers available for Desktop.


Ed informs us on our forum that the current September issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine is starting a series of articles about Syllable Desktop. They're written by Darrel Johnston and available on-line. The magazine is free under a Creative Commons license and can be downloaded in PDF format or viewed on the web. The first article introduces Syllable Desktop and shows the installation process with a very nice series of screenshots.

[News] [Software Freedom Day]

Friday September 17, Kaj will present two talks at the Software Freedom Day 2010. This event is kindly hosted by the CWI in Amsterdam, the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, known best in open source circles as the birthplace of Python.

The first talk presents our graphical development version of Syllable Server running the ROX Desktop, which we recently introduced at the Syllable Summer Conference, and compares it to Syllable Desktop.

The second presentation introduces the Boron programming language, which is the successor to the ORCA language that we use in Syllable. It will demonstrate building a small website with Boron on the Cheyenne web server, also running on Syllable Server.

[News] [Kaj de Vos showing PenguPop on graphical development version of Syllable Server during WinterSylCon 2010]

Saturday 4th of September 2010 the fourth edition of the Syllable Summer Conference will take place in conference centre "Het Brandpunt" in Baarn. We will present the new Syllable Server 0.4 (more info about edition 0.4), updates in our graphical development version of Syllable Server (which we showed during Syllable Winter Conference 2010, see the videos down below). Attention will also be paid to advancements in REBOL 3, continued improvements in our CMS and how we will also open up our communication channels.

To give you an impression of the conference, you can see the more than twenty Dutch spoken videos on YouTube of the presentations given by Kaj de Vos during the first Syllable Winter Conference in January 2009 (playlist) and the second Syllable Winter Conference in January 2010 (playlist).

If you want to help with making subtitles and translations of these videos please contact Bas de Lange on the here mentioned email address!

Syllable Server 0.4 Released Jun 8 2010, 16:16

We are pleased to announce that we have released the new Syllable Server 0.4. This release focuses on maturing existing functionality, improving security, ongoing system restructuring, and making the system a suitable base for third-party package managers. Extensive work was done, so the full change log is quite long.

About half the packages in the system were upgraded, including key components such as the Linux kernel, UDev, the LFS init scripts, DirectFB, SDL, BASh, Packager, OpenSSH, REBOL/Core, the Cheyenne web server and CDRTools. Other important packages such as Ruby, Midnight Commander, Links and Transmission were also updated. XZ-Utils was added, providing the same LZMA compression as in 7-Zip, but in a different format that is becoming popular, and is better integrated with POSIX systems. TAr was upgraded and this version has support for XZ-Utils. Compression of the system distribution was changed from 7-Zip to XZ format. The latest development versions of Cheyenne and UniServe are included, which provide a new WebSockets framework for advanced persistent, full-duplex communication with the latest web browsers.

As an example of clearer system structure and improved security, the super user account has been renamed from "root" to "system". Logging in to this account has been disabled: you are now supposed to log in to the account named "administrator" to manage the system. From this account, you can use the sudo command to perform actions with system privileges.

Here is the updated manual, which explains the key abilities of the system step by step. Syllable Server can be downloaded here. Extra software is available here.


Despues de varios años de intentos de terceros, Kaj junto las piezas y cha conseguido hacer funcionar el lado server de OpenSSH. La integracion en Syllable Desktop esta basada en una version anterior previamente adaptada en Syllable Server, con su configuracion. Kristian implemento la funcion socketpair en Syllable Desktop 0.6.6 para soportar OpenSSH, pero aun debe ser desactivada. Michael Pavone y Adam Kirchhoff comprobaron y suministraron varias opciones que deben ser desactivadas para que el servidor funcione de manera estable.

Este trabajo esta disponible en current development build. Para activar el servidor OpenSSH, edite el archivo /resources/indexes/init/sshd y descomente la ultima linea, de acuerdo con las instrucciones contenidas en el. Despues de eso, el servidor sera iniciado en cada arranque del sistema. Claves unicas de identificacion del sistema son generadas en el primer arranque de Syllable.

[News] [Kaj de Vos demostrando Syllable Desktop]

El sabado 30 de Enero de 2010, la segunda edicion de Syllable Winter Conference, tendra lugar en el centro "Het Brandpunt" en Baarn. Tal como lo hemos hecho durante la primer Syllable Summer Conference, donde hemos presentado Syllable Server y el navegador web Webster, habran nuevos anuncios. Entre las presentaciones y demostraciones los resaltaremos. Nos enfocaremos en el sistema de gestion de coontenidos, que permite administrar sitios web en Syllable Server. En este contexto, vamos a profundizar en TryREBOL site, que permite probar el lenguaje REBOL en suu navegador web. El recientemente implementado soporte de Sockets en Cheyenne WebSockets on Cheyenne, parte del inminente HTML5 web standards, con el cual es posible crear conexiones HTTP persistentes de alta eficiencia, con lo cual las capacidades de administracion seran expuestas. Por favor siga visitando Syllable Winter Conference page para conocer las ultimas novedades del programa.

Para obtener una impresion de la conferencia, puede ver seis videos en YouTube sobre presentaciones impartidas por Kaj de Vos durante first Syllable Winter Conference in January 2009.

Part 1, deep links into the videos: Syllable Desktop, memory management, swap, why do we use Linux as a server kernel?, the using of Syllable in a DVD factory.
Part 2, deep links: WebKit, mounting USB disks, terminal Bash shell, installing extra packages, Battle for Wesnoth, native applications, resource packages, VLC media player, Application Binary Interface.
Part 3, deep links: Unix System Resources, resources directory, symbolic links, no hard links, locality of packages.
Part 4, deep links: search paths, separation of system and independent packages, playing a movie with VLC.
Part 5, deep links: VLC, MediaPlayer, FFMPEG, media framework, hardware overlays, media codecs.
Part 6, deep links: the REBOL song, audio mixing.

If you want to help with making subtitles and translations of these videos please get in contact with Bas de Lange on the here mentioned email address!

WebSockets para Cheyenne Jan 2 2010, 22:16

Durante las vacaciones, el servidor web Cheyenne que usamos en Syllable Server, obtuvo un WebSocket framework. El autor de Cheyenne, Nenad Rakocevic, implemento el soporte de WebSocket en solo un dia sobre UniServe universal network I/O subsystem que soporta a Cheyenne. En unos dias mas, el diseño un framework WebSocket soportando conexiones persistentes en una manera eficiente, extendiendo el framework Cheyenne a la conexion tipica HTTP solicitud/respuesta.

WebSocket es parte del inminente estandard HTML5. Esto permite a un navegador y a un servidor web tener una conexion persistente, de doble via full duplex usando una conexion TCP. Lo hace iniciando una conexion regular HTTP y luego renegociando en la capa TCP mas flexible. Esto permite esquivar firewalls permitiendo que Internet entregue su maxima potencia. De esta manera, es una evolucion y reemplazo de Comet, which is a collection of hacks to use Ajax para simular conexiones HTTP persistentes. WebSocket mejora sobre Comet al ser estandard, mas limpio y mas escalable. No obstante, requiere soporte explicito de parte del servidor y del cliente. Por ahora, solo Chrome 4 tiene soporte WebSocket. Esta planeado en Firefox y Safari. Lo anterior significa WebKit, y eso significa que podremos portarlo a nuestro navegador, Webster.

Nos proponemos usar este framework en nuestra infraestructura web. El framework Cheyenne WebSocket esta disponible en its SVN version. Un demo de WebSocket esta en disponible aqui.


There is now a demo chat application online. Remember that you need a WebSocket browser for it, such as Chrome 4 or a nightly build of WebKit. You can follow Cheyenne discussions here.

[Applications] [Math Project 004]

Lucas Murad acaba de publicar la recien nacida aplicacion de calculo Mathematic Project. Esta aplicacion esta diseñada para permitir la realizacion de calculos matematicos en entornos de investigacion y desarrollo. Esta primera version es una prueba de concepto y es un desarrollo en progreso, con el objetivo de posicionar a Syllable Desktop en espacios universitarios donde se efectuen procedimientos en los que intervenga la matematica, que es un nicho de continuo crecimiento. La aplicacion se puede obtener en: Math Project 004.

Feliz año nuevo! Jan 1 2010, 16:22

Nuestros Mejores deseos para el año entrante. El nuevo sol brilla intensamente aqui, ciertamente sintoma de un fertil año que comienza. Este año tendra innovaciones rompedoras.


La actual compilacion de desarrollo de Syllable Desktop tiene un menu de instalacion notoriamente mejorado. Las opciones para dispositivos CD IDE y USB fueron fusionadas, por lo que las opciones de solucion de problemas pueden ahora ser probadas desde un dispositivo de CD USB. Opciones de instalacion especificas fueron agregadas para los netbooks Acer Aspire One y ASUS EeePC. El netbook EeePC requiere compensacion de la posicion de las unidades de disco, la cual es realizada por el instalador. Esto fue testeado por nosotros gracias a Hans Rood en el SylCon de Verano, y el Aspire One fue testeado por nosotros gracias a Ruud Kuin. Actualmente hay mas opciones de modo seguro para solucion de problemas, tales como una opcion para quitar totalmente el controlador USB 2, el cual es inestable en ciertos sistemas.

Fueron agregadas opciones experimentales de instalacion desde y hacia dispositivos de memoria USB. Esas opciones aun no funcionan, porque Syllable aun no inicia desde dispositivos USB distintos de CD, pero se esta trabajando en ello. Ademas del formato AFS propio de Syllable, hay una opcion para iniciar desde memorias USB formateadas con el sistema de archivos Ext2FS. La instalacion hacia USB no es del todo confiable en Syllable, pero la opcion Ext2FS permite experimentar con la creacion de medios de instalacion en Linux.


A pedido de Carl Sassenrath, inventor de REBOL y del sistema operativo Amiga, Kaj ha creado un website try the REBOL programming language que permite probar el lenguaje de programacion REBOL sin instalarlo. El sitio presenta la nueva version de REBOL, 3, que esta cerca de alcanzar el nivel beta. Ademas ofrece la posibilidad de probar el clasico REBOL 2 y ORCA, su equivalente opensource, pudiendo ser evaluados ambos.

El sitio web corre en Syllable Server, esta web esta en su version 0.3, esta en camino la version 0.4. Para esta aplicacion, el nivel de seguridad del servidor fue incrementado para poder permitir al publico ejecutar scripts REBOL genericos.

El sitio web fue hecho sobre la pila REBOL incluida en Syllable Server, corre en el servidor web Cheyenne. Este fue diseñado en de acuerdo a la arquitectura Model/View/Controller con la que la plataforma de aplicaciones web con la que hemos trabajado hasta ahora: una combinacion del framework web QuarterMaster y el gestor de contenido usado para construir los sitios web de Syllable.org. Este demo de REBOL marca el punto donde se puede comenzar a desarrollar sitios de avanzada interactividad.

Hola! Oct 14 2009, 16:51

Dada la recomendacion de nuestro webmaster de habla hispana Lucas Murad, de Argentina, y Leo Ruilova, de Chile, Kristian ha abierto un area para los fans de Syllable de habla española on our forum. Venga y diga Hola!

MEDNAFEN fue portado Jul 12 2009, 16:36
[Ports] [Sonic en MEDNAFEN]

Rui ha portado MEDNAFEN, un emulador de varias consolas de juegos, incluyendo the Atari Lynx, Nintendo Game Boy, NES, Sega Master System y Neo Geo Pocket. Junto a otros emuladores, permite correr juegos clasicos.

SylCon Conferencia de Verano Jun 24 2009, 17:25
[News] [SylCon 2008]

Nuestra Syllicon anual conferencia de verano tendra lugar desde el Sabado 18 de Julio hasta el Sabado 25 de Julio. Navegaremos nuevamente con el velero Stêd Sleat, mientras debatiremos y promocionaremos a Syllable. Este año ofrecemos varias posibilidades, por ejemplo, puede elegir cuantos dias prefiere participar. Rigen descuentos para largas estadias y presencia de niños, de forma que puede ser una verdadera salida familiar. Para obtener informacion, puede ponerse en contacto con Bas de Lange.

Tenemos RSS Feed Jun 9 2009, 21:50

Las nuevas secciones del sitio fueron extendidas con Feeds RSS. Si prefiere seguir las noticias de Syllable mediante un lector RSS, puede hacerlo desde ahora. Cada seleccion de noticias en cada pagina tiene su Feed correspondiente. Mire los iconos RSS. Por favor no permita que su lector consulte los Feeds permanentemente, dado que no publicamos noticias continuamente. Lo mejor es configurar de forma que haga algunas comprobaciones en el dia. Cada articulo tiene enlace con su pagina.

El teclado cobra importancia May 29 2009, 1:47

Anthony ha implementado navegacionpor teclado en DiskManager. Esto significa que ud podra instalar Syllable sin necesidad de usar el mouse en caso de problemas. Para conseguir esto, anthony ha hecho fixes to keyboard handling en LibSyllable Views. Esto conlleva mejoras en todas las aplicaciones donde haya que usar el teclado.

Entrar por la puerta grande May 27 2009, 21:57

Anthony ha posibilitado el inicio de sesion automatico en Syllable Desktop implementing auto-login. En la proxima Build de Syllable Desktop, ud podra ir al panel de control User & Groups y permitir que una cuenta de usuario inicie automaticamente, sin necesidad de ingresar usuario y clave.

Syllable Desktop 0.6.6 por fin May 15 2009, 14:44
[Syllable] []

Trasciende en nuestra comunidad el lanzamiento de la nueva version de Syllable Desktop. Agradecemos a todas las personas que han colaborado y han reportado los ultimos defectos por solucionar. Varios de ellos fueron solucionados, incluidos regresiones de versiones anteriores. Los decoradores de ventana ya no desestabilizan el sistema, el proceso de instalacion fue mejorado resolviendo problemas de soporte de hardware. El navegador Abrowse fue reemplazado por Webster, basado en una nueva version del motor WebKit. Entre las mejoras concretadas, destacan la posibilidad de correr en Qemu, de forma tal que ahora se soportan maquinas virtuales. La documentacion fue mejorada y se agregaron traducciones. Puede consultar en notas de la version. Imagenes ISO CD, (VMware) emulacion, paquete de actualizacion y documentacion en accesible en la pagina de descargas. Software extra esta disponible here.

Por Siempre Syllable Mar 4 2009, 14:45

Hemos publicado la ultima Development Build de Syllable Desktop 0.6.6. Si quiere influir en la inminente edicion, esta es su ultima oportunidad.

Nuevo sistema de noticias Feb 15 2009, 8:32

Si piensa que los articulos aqui estan fuera de linea, es por que nuestros sitios tienen un nuevo modulo de noticias. Desarrollado especialmente para Syllable, como todo lo que atañe al sitio. No obstante, las noticias antiguas estan en el formato antiguo, que es menos flexible, lo que nos dificulta actualizar su estilo. Los nuevos articulos estan en nuestra base de datos y tienen su contenido completamente independiente de los estilos. Ademas es mas facil editar y mantener la informacion. Es un movimiento tendiente a volver nuestra labor mas eficiente.

XML-Starlet portado Feb 12 2009, 23:38

Kaj ha portado XML-Starlet, una suite de herramientas XML que compila en LibXML2 y LibXSLT. El motivo inmediato para la portacion es la necesidad de proceasar archivos XML dentro de archivos Open Document (.ODF), usados por Open Office y un numero de aplicaciones ofimaticas. En el area de descargas se puede obtener el paquete para Syllable Desktop.


En esta edicion de Micro Mart, revista informatica del Reino Unido, fue publicado un articulo acerca de Syllable y otros tres sistemas operativos alternativos. Fue escrito por Michael Reed.

Para El Comienzo Jan 1, 10:17
[Announcement]Feliz Año Nuevo a todos!!! Creo que en este nuevo año tenemos una gran oportunidad para mejorar.
Nuevo Traductor Ruso Dec 22, 18:27
[Announcement]Tenemos un nuevo traductor ruso. Alexander ("azlk" en el foro) hizo un importante trabajo para nuestro sitio en idoma ruso, y ademas trabaja en la traduccion de Syllable en si.
Libertad total Nov 10, 19:23
[Announcement]El sitio holandes Software Freedom Day corre ahora bajo Syllable Server, usando el servidor Cheyenne. Esto resulto un una mayor capacidad de almacenamiento para contenido multimedia, virtual hosting bajo su propio nombre de dominio y la posibilidad de elegir que tecnologias usar. El sitio web fue desarrollado con el sistema de contenidos que Kaj de Vos desarrolla para los sitios de Syllable.Org. 
Linux Magazine Nos Mira Nov 1, 19:19
[Announcement]Bas tiene la nueva Dutch Linux Magazine desde esta mañana, que arraso en las tiendas. La edicion de Noviembre, numero 5 del año, tiene un articulo de 4 paginas dedicado a Syllable, incluyendo una entrevista con Kristian Van der Vliet.
Syllable Conference Fimbul En Invierno Oct 25, 20:58
[Announcement]Bas anuncia que organizara la primera edicion invernal  de Syllable Conference. Tiene su web aqui, donde Bas publicara el desarrollo de los eventos.
Desde Rusia Para El Mundo Oct 25, 20:34
[Announcement]Dmitry ("Rohan" on the forum) ha solicitado un sitio web en idioma ruso. Dmitry lo traducira sobre el tiempo.
Software Freedom Day Segunda Edicion Sep 17, 18:58
[Announcement]Kaj estara presentando el nuevo Syllable Server 0.3 en el Software Freedom Day event, el proximo 20 de Septiembtre, en la ciudad de Utrecht, paises bajos. Ademas, estara presente en el Holland Open Software Conference en Amsterdam, los dos dias anteriores. Aun cuando no habra una presentacion de Syllable, si quiere hablar con Kaj puede enontrarlo, tal vez tambien pueda encontrar a Bas en el Software Freedom Day en HOSC.
Seguimos Creciendo Sep 16, 16:33
[Announcement]Gracias al hecho de que Syllable server es GNU/Linux, y de haber abandonado la lista de espera, Syllable esta ahora en DistroWatch, el mayor observatorio del mundo Linux / BSD / Solaris.
Nos Encanta Cuando Un Plan Se Concreta Sep 12, 8:33
[Syllable]Hemos publicado la tercera edicion de Syllable Server, conocida como Server 0.3. Esta es una importante edicion, dado que nos hemos enfocado en hacer a este sistema usable como servidor. Un numero de servidores comunes fueron agregados y configurados, asi como tambien unas pilas de software REBOL. Contra lo imaginable, Syllable Server esta listo para cosas como Cheyenne, FTP y varios mas. Se presto especial atencion a la programabilidad soportando aplicaciones Model-View-Controller desarrolladas en QuarterMaster y aplicaciones de red con el servicio REBOL. Se incluyo el sistema Genode. Puede averiguar todos los detalles en el changelog. Un manual extensivo fue escrito, el cual es facil de seguir. Como es usual, tanto una descarga BitTorrent como una regular estan disponibles (80 MB 7-Zip). Por favor use el torrent si puede.
Dia del Software Libre Sep 6, 22:06
[Announcement]Ademas de organizar eventos Syllable, Bas es muy activo en circulos de software open source, estandares abiertos y contenidos abiertos. Bas es una persona abierta no? Ademas, el organiza el Software Freedom Day en los Paises Bajos. Su evento tendra lugar el dia 13 de Septiembre. Cerca de veinte organizaciones de software libre presentaran sus proyectos, entre los que Bas demostrara Syllable Desktop y presentara la proxima version de Syllable Server.
Una Dosis De Tecnologia Sep 6, 21:53
[Announcement]Bas de Lange estara representando a Syllable en la conferencia T-DOSE en el Reino de los Paises Bajos, en el evento libre de software Open Source, "El lugar donde los expertos se reunen". En el fin de semana del 25 and 26 de Octubre, en la ciudad de Eindhoven, en la universidad Fontys de ciencia aplicada, habra mas de veinte oradores y varios proyectos open source, que echaran luz sobre su desarrollo. Bas presentara a Syllable en una charla.
Imagenes Sylcon Aug 7, 12:23
[Announcement]Skoet.nl, nos facilito las fotos de la SylCon: 
Ademas, hay videos, que aun tenemos que procesar. Bas de Lange esta preparando un nuevo SDN con un reporte sobre la SylCon.
Syllable Se Vuelve Internacional Aug 5, 23:31
[Announcement]En estos momentos se desata una oleada de sitios locales. Michael Utz y Matic Gradiser se ofrecieron para mantener las versiones en Aleman y Esloveno. Michael y Matic completaran y mantendran las traducciones en el tiempo, ademas desean crear sus propios sitios web.
Foro Reubicado Aug 5, 15:13
[Announcement]Movimos el foro a un nuevo host. Si usted lo agrego a sus bookmaks, por favor actualizelo. Toda la informacion fue migrada, asi que puede usarlo igual que siempre.
Syllable Ya Inicia Desde USB Aug 5, 14:57
[Syllable]Kristian investigo un bug que impedia a Syllable iniciar desde un dispositivo USB. Publicamos un nuevo Development Build que podra iniciar desde un reproductor de CD con puerto USB. Esto significa que Syllable se puede instalar en computadoras sin puerto IDE, como ser Asus EEPC y otras minilaptops. Ademas, con otras configuraciones extra en el arrancador, sera posible instalar Syllable en una memoria USB. En nuestra ultima SylCon, averiguamos que el "disco" del EEPC esta conectado internamente mediante USB. Ahora debera ser posible instalar Syllable en una tarjeta de memoria y ejecutarla en el EEPC, evitando tocar el sistema operativo original si se lo quiere conservar.

Update: aparecieron nuevos errores y deberan ser depurados antes de que esto se siga desarrollando.
Introduciendo Image Viewer Aug 5, 14:22
[Applications][ImageViewer]Jonas Jarvoll publico su nueva aplicacion Image Viewer.Es mas poderoso que su antecesor  AView incluido en Syllable hasta la fecha. Esta disponible en nuestra pagina de software.
Hola Webster! Jul 24, 16:08
[Applications][Webster]Mas destruccion creativa...

Fue alcanzado un objetivo muy buscado. Siempre hemos planeado colocar el web rendering engine de Abrowse dentro de una libreria con un widget Syllable View nativo encima, de forma que puede ser usado en otras aplicaciones. Kristian hizo eso: compilando en el WebCore port de Arno Klenke, lo actualizo y agrego la clase WebView. Reescribio luego el navegador y lo rebautizo Webster. La primera version alpha esta disponible en la lista de aplicaciones. Para ejecutarlo se necesita al menos el ultimo Development Build de Syllable 0.6.6. Se solucionaron muchos bugs y el codigo fuente esta en nuestra pagina para desarrolladores.
SylCon Development Builds Jul 24, 16:06
[Syllable]We slept through a storm on the ship. We docked alongside a clipper a bit too hastily; another clipper, the Hollandia, crashed into us. Nothing new, shippers from Holland have always sucked. We saw a Black-headed Gull die; we saw a Great Crested Grebe feed a fish to her young. Nothing else is important, is it? Oh, there's another cycle of destruction and creation. We demonstrated a new development build of Syllable Server that we created just before the conference. While we were sailing in Friesland, Kristian produced a new development build of Syllable Desktop in England. Both are now published here.
Zorro Strikes Again Jul 14, 19:45
[Announcement]Unfortunately, we had to replace our Spanish web site. We extended our content management system to create a fully integrated new one, so it is now an official branch of our main web site. Lucas Murad created the old site and will be editing the new one.
We took the opportunity to also overhaul our Dutch site and pull it into the content management system. Bas de Lange is the editor. The sites currently still show the original English content. The editors will be translating it over time.
Immer Mehr BeGeistert Jul 14, 19:40
[Announcement]As last time, we have been invited again to the BeGeistert BeOS meeting, the 019 edition. It will be held from 10 to 12 October in the same venue in Düsseldorf in Germany. Bas will be there to represent Syllable again.
SylCon is Nigh Jul 11, 1:10
[Announcement]The Syllable Conference 2008 will start in a week. We will be holding presentations and workshops around the upcoming Syllable Desktop 0.6.6 and Syllable Server 0.3. There will be a workshop showing how to set up a complete network with Server and Desktop machines and how, if you know one, you know the other. We will also try to install Syllable on an Asus EeePC.
Syllable Server Development Build Jun 7, 2:11
[Syllable]We released a development build of Syllable Server. This version has a number of updated components, including the kernel, and several fixes. Most importantly, a lot of server functionality was added. Included is a REBOL software stack with a web server and a web programming framework. Support and start scripts are integrated for a number of standard servers, such as CUPS, OpenSSH, BIND, Apache, RSync, SaMBa and VSFTP. However, the configurations of these new modules are not complete yet.
Dos Para El Tango May 3, 22:20
[Ports][VLC]Ruwen Boehm porto los reproductores VLCMPlayer para Syllable Desktop. El funcionamiento de cada uno aun es algo erratico, pero ahora se puede ver un DVD en Syllable. Algunas de las piezas fueron portadas por Rui Caridade, Andrew Kennan y Kaj de Vos.

Fueron portados: FAAD2, FLAC, FontConfig, LibA52, LibCDDB, LibDVDNav, LibDVDRead, LibID3Tag, LibMAD y LibMPEG2. Estos paquetes no necesitan instalacion separada, dado que las librerias vienen incluidas en VLC y Mplayer. Estos paquetes estan disponibles en resources downloads. Tienen que ser iniciados desde la linea de comandos, hasta que alguien desarrolle una interfaz nativa para Syllable.
Syllable Desktop Corriendo En Asus Eee PC! Apr 14, 22:12
[Syllable][EeePC]Michael Saunders hizo funcionar Syllable Desktop en su nueva Asus Eee PC - una minilaptop en la que Syllable encaja como un guante. Hay que trabajar un poco para hacer funcionar el total del hardware, pero lo basico funciona. Michael reporta que Audio, Video, Touchpad, USB y Bateria funcionan. No obstante, el video no llega a pantalla completa, no funciona el adaptador de red y los dispositivos de almacenamiento USB no funcionan del todo bien. Como aun no hay un instalador USB para Syllable, Michael siguio este plan: tomo una imagen del disco Eee con la herramienta DD de Linux, instalando Syllable en el desde QEmu y despues "DDeo" la imagen al EeePC. Despues se tiene que ajustar el disco en GRUB. Investigamos distribuir Syllable especialmente para el EeePC en esta forma.
Mr Bean Se Hace Sentir Mar 27, 16:05
[Ports]Rohan informa que un colaborador no identificado, que se hace conocer como Bean, habria reescrito el driver AFS filesystem para GrUB 2
El driver original servia para Grub 1, y fue derivado desde el driver AFS original. Esto significo que el copyright no se pudiera reasignar a la FSF, asi que el proyecto GRUB no quiso integrar el codigo. El nuevo driver es mucho mas compacto y todo indica que seria integrado en GRUB, de forma que tendremos un nuevo arrancador y su mantenimiento sera mas sencillo. Antes de que esto se concrete, tenemos mas trabajo de portacion en grub 2 para integrarlo en nuestra compilacion e instalador.

Este es un test CD que puede arrancar una instalacion Syllable en disco.
Squeak Portado a Syllable Desktop Mar 21, 17:30
[Ports][Squeak with Seaside]Kelly Wilson porto Squeak para Syllable. Squeak es un entorno multimedia basado en el lenguaje  Smalltalk. Aun no hay drivers de audio o video que hagan de interfaz entre Squeak y Syllable, asi que Squeak aun no es operativo. No obstante, programas headless que no necesitan un usuario grafico, funcionan, la pantalla muestra un sitio web en Abrowse, generado por el framework de Seaside.
Peep at FOSDEM Mar 7, 20:42
[Announcement]Here is a photo of the Syllable stand at FOSDEM last week, by Jesús Corrius.
Rhope Dataflow Language Feb 23, 21:45
[Applications]Michael Pavone has created a new programming language: Rhope. It's a very interesting language that is based on dataflow and also uses transactional concepts to make parallel programming easy. Rhope is an interpreter that is available for Syllable, OS X and Windows. Mike mentions that it was for a large part developed on Syllable and that its web site runs on Syllable Desktop, on a web server and web framework programmed in Rhope itself. Rhope currently has preliminary support for programming graphical user interfaces on Syllable and Windows.
New Dutch Site Feb 22, 15:00
[Announcement]There's a new Syllable website in Dutch. It is maintained by Bas de Lange and hosted by the region Utrecht/Amersfoort of the Hobby Computer Club. The link is available here in the community panel on the left.
QEmu Ported to Syllable Desktop Jan 28, 3:57
[Ports][Syllable on Syllable]QEmu has been eluding its port to Syllable Desktop, but the Syllable team has gotten this emulator to work now. The port is based on earlier work on QEmu itself and on a number of improvements that are being made to Syllable Desktop. The coming Syllable development builds will have improved support for POSIX threads, timers and async I/O. The newest QEmu version 0.9.1 runs now. There is already a binary package of QEmu 0.9.1 for Syllable Server in our downloads section.[Ubuntu on Syllable]

Other recent ports to Syllable Desktop include LibPurple and Finch, the text mode client of Pidgin (the former GAIM instant messaging application) and the latest version of SaMBa, 3.0.28.
New Premium and Source CDs Jan 17, 0:17
[Syllable]We published a new Premium CD for Syllable Desktop 0.6.5. As always, it's available from the Syllable shop. The complete program source code didn't fit on it any more, so we created a separate CD for that. It holds the source code for Syllable Desktop, Syllable Server and extra packages. Both CDs are also available as a download from now on, so you can choose to receive them sooner and save the shipping costs by burning your own CD.
Ghosts on Photo Jan 13, 22:10
[Announcement]Ralf Schülke published a nice photo series of BeGeistert 018. Here are some of Bas' Syllable presentation:
The audience
The man
The man and the machine
Ghosts on Video Jan 12, 17:17
[Announcement]BeGeistert 018 is in progress, where we were graciously invited. You can see it live on this webcam. Bas is representing Syllable there and just gave a spontaneous presentation.
Good Things Coming to Those Who Wait Jan 8, 2:22
[Syllable]After an extensive development period, we released Syllable Desktop 0.6.5 with goodies all over. Of course there are bug fixes, most notably in USB and the network stack, leading to large reliability and performance improvements. LibUSB and SANE were ported, so there is now USB access from user space and support for scanners. There are new network and video drivers, including a unique S3 DeltaChrome driver that Arno wrote from scratch. Two new window decorators debut from John Aspras. CD burning ability is now integrated in the form of SimpleBurn and CDRTools. A new network preferences applet from Andrew Kennan was integrated, and also Arno's port of OpenBeFS. Many ports were upgraded and the system layout has been heavily reorganised. Files needed for compiling software have been split off in a separate package. This is also the release that harmonises a number of things between Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server.

The full change log is here. Installation CDs, the upgrade, and images for emulators are here. Additional software can be found here.
New Download Section Dec 26, 15:33
[Ports]The link to our Official Releases in the navigation panel on the left here has been replaced by a new download page of our own. After going through several download web sites in the past years, this one is meant to stay. It is fully integrated into the new content management system for the sites. We will extend it over time to add categories, main sections for Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server, and eventually, software contributed by individual developers.

The current page offers some new packages that were created or ported recently. They are mainly libraries, of interest to software developers.
Second Serving Dec 14, 16:42
[Syllable]The second release of Syllable Server is now available. A number of fixes were made, most notably to terminal initialisation and printing. GhostScript is included now. Some of the Syllable-specific initialisation scripts are executed now.

Many packages were updated, including GLibC, CoreUtils, BASh, ORCA and the printing packages.

Several new packages were added. IPTables is included, so Syllable Server can be used to build a firewall. The wireless tools are included for configuring wireless networks. The ALSA userspace library and tools were added to provide full access to the audio system, instead of relying on OSS emulation.

All separate binary software packages for Server 0.1 are still valid on Server 0.2. On Syllable, binary compatibility is maintained as much as possible.

[Installation and usage instructionschange log, torrent (preferred), installation package (75 MB 7-Zip archive).] Please use the torrent if you can.
Show that you Share! Dec 5, 16:50
[Announcement]Bas will be manning a booth to present Syllable at the Show that you Share! conference in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands on Friday, December 14 [flyer (PDF)]. The conference is about networks, communities and learning, with a focus on educational purposes. We will highlight the opportunity that Syllable offers to learn about system technology without the huge overhead that other systems bring with them (for example in code size) and the low barrier to entry for contributing to Syllable.
FOSDEM 2008 Nov 29, 14:40
[Announcement]Bas is going to represent Syllable again on the FOSDEM 2008 conference in Brussels in the weekend of February 23 and 24. We will have a table to present Syllable. Please come, as it's a great gathering of free software enthusiasts, and if you want to help, please contact us.
New Slovak Site Nov 19, 23:15
[Announcement]Lukas Veselovsky has opened a web site for Syllable in Slovak. Good luck, Lukas!
Newsletter #2 Nov 11, 14:48
[Announcement]Ruud has published the second issue in the new series of our Syllable Development Newsletter. It contains thirteen pages of articles, interviews and the second instalment of Kristian's programming tutorial. The newsletter is accompanied again by a software pack, rounding up seven packages that were released since the first edition.
Development Build November 4 Nov 6, 19:45
[Syllable]Another development build of Syllable Desktop is ready. From now on, the development builds will be available from their own page on the new development site. A link is on the panel on the left. The caveats are the same as for the previous build.
New Development Site Nov 4, 20:15
[Announcement]This web site has been split into subsites oriented towards different audiences. A new site was created for software developers. It can be reached through the new "Subprojects/Navigation" panel on the left and contains all the content that is specific to software development on Syllable. The API references and driver tutorials are now on-line again.
There's Something Fresh in the State of Denmark Oct 23, 23:44
[Announcement]A Danish tribe is emerging from the Syllable hordes of the north. Flemming is leading his people and his turtle to a new Danish site he has split off from Syllable Norden.
Syllable Server Emulator Images Oct 16, 16:20
[Syllable]To enable you to try Syllable Server without installation, two preconfigured virtual machine images are now available. One is for VMware [torrent (preferred), image (82 MB)]. It can also be used with QEmu and VirtualBox. The other is for other emulators such as Bochs, or also QEmu [torrent (preferred), image (81 MB)]. Please note that the latter unpacks to a file of one gigabyte. The start menu of the images provides configurations for several emulators. More detailed instructions are here. Please use the torrents if you can.
An Example to Emulate Oct 16, 0:09
[Syllable]It's the melancholical season in Scandinavia, so in an attack of nostalgia, Flemming installed the last version of AtheOS in an emulator image - exactly six years after its release. For a walk down memory lane, or to peer at Syllable's roots, have a look at this screenshot of AtheOS running on Syllable. To try it yourself, we provide a VMware image that can also be used with QEmu and VirtualBox [torrentimage (11 MB)], and a raw image that can be used with Bochs and QEmu [torrentimage (11 MB)]. Please use the torrents if you can.

For unpacking the files, you need 7-Zip [portable version, Windows version].
New Development Build Oct 10, 23:58
[Syllable]We are resuming the regular development builds of Syllable Desktop. The new build contains important stability fixes for USB, and enhancements to make the porting of software easier. There are fixes for making it easier to find the SDL extension libraries during the compilation of software. Configuration of packages that need PkgConfig during compilation is now supported. If you are building this software in a staging area, you also need to update Builder, which now also has support for PkgConfig.

The FFMPEG codec and cURL are missing from this build due to temporary build failures. If you need them, you can copy them in from the previous development build or from Syllable 0.6.4.

[Torrent, ISO, MD5 checksums.] Please use the torrent if you can.
Primer Syllicon! Oct 6, 10:00
[Syllable]La primera version de desarrollo de Syllable Server esta disponible! Esta provee un entorno de texto, pero ademas tiene un sistema grafico preliminar construido en el sistema framebuffer, con DirectFB y SDL sobre este.
El entorno grafico de Syllable Desktop, que se quiere portar a Server con todas sus ventajas, aun no esta disponible. El procedimiento de instalacion es sencillo, pero aun manual, haciendo recordar a la instalacion del antiguo sistema AtheOS, la base de Syllable Desktop. Syllable Server incluye un navegador grafico, un gestor de archivos y un editor. Una de las cosas que se tuvo en mente al diseñar Syllable Server es poder funcionar como una plataforma de visualizacioon de bajo peso para poder correr varios sistemas, o varias instancias de si mismo. El virtualizador QEmu esta incluido, y el acelerador KQEmu esta integrado en el sistema. [Pantalla de Syllable Server running on Syllable Desktop, instrucciones installation y uso , torrent (80 MB), paquete de instalacion (80 MB).] Please use the torrent if you can.

El periodista IT holandes Brenno de Winter publico un articulo acerca de Syllable Server y una entrevista podcast con Kaj de Vos.
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New Premium CD Oct 3, 0:00
[Syllable]After a long time, we have updated the Premium CD that is available from our Lulu shop. At the time, after we released Syllable 0.6.0a, we cleaned up old library versions from the system, to bring down the size of the distribution. This meant dropping support for old binary programs, so after that, our software collection was rather limited and not sufficient to build a premium CD that would contain significantly more than the basic installation CD. Since then, we have done a lot of work on our package collection, and now we have finally made time to create a Premium CD for Syllable 0.6.4. It is filled to the brim and contains all our official packages and accompanying source code.
MLGame Ported Sep 29, 15:00
[Ports]Our new and already prolific contributor Kelly Wilson has ported MLGame, a game programming framework for the OCaml language that makes use of Syllable's SDL subsystem. Kelly has also updated our OCaml port to the latest version, 3.10, which now has support for PThreads on Syllable for the first time.
New Russian Site Sep 12, 19:00
[Announcement]Resuming our regular news coverage, we are pleased to announce that our contributor Rohan has opened a new Syllable web site in Russian. It will be available from here in our redesigned links section, on the left.
syllable.org Mail Resumed Sep 12, 18:46
[Announcement]Mail addresses of the Syllable members at syllable.org are now operational again.
What's In a Name? Sep 11, 23:58
[Announcement]After having moved our domain name registrations to a new provider, we are now reconfiguring them for the new hosting situation. An effect of this will be that our site names www.syllable.org and syllable.org will not resolve for the coming one or two days. Don't worry, we'll be back.
Slashed to Dots Sep 11, 8:52
[Announcement]The unfolding story of our folding host has even made Slashdot.
Humpty Dumpty Sep 10, 10:24
[Announcement]If you've had a blast from the past lately, it may be because we're piecing this website back together again from anything we can find. Although our provider is one stiff parrot, we are making this into an opportunity to replace our troubled systems of the past with the improvements we had long been planning. We would like to thank those who have offered us hosting help. However, our plans have already been set in motion. The website you are reading now is replicated over the world on a distributed system. It should be well prepared for the extra visitors we are expecting when we release Syllable Server. The content management system is our own, which we are writing in REBOL as we speak.

"Elluk naadeel hep sun foordeel."

Johan Cruyff, after a disastrous soccer match

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